Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weed-Smoking Baby

The 2-year-old girl, with her too-big tank top slipping off of her left shoulder, stands and watches television as she puts a joint to her lips and takes a puff before waving her arm to fan away smoke and continuing to puff on the marijuana cigarette.

The scene was caught on video using the mother’s cell phone – shot by the mother, a Hamilton County indictment Wednesday charges.

Jessica Gamble, 21, of Springfield Township, was indicted on three felonies – corrupting another with drugs, child endangering and tampering with evidence – that carry a maximum prison sentence of 11½ years.

“It’s beyond disgusting,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said of the video. “I would get very upset if I found out my 16-year-old daughter was drinking a beer.”

Gamble is accused of making or encouraging her daughter to smoke the joint.

“What’s quite disconcerting is she is handling this like she’s done this before,” Deters said of the child.

At one point on the 1 minute, 37 second video shot in August, a voice believed to be Gamble’s tells the girl “Don’t blow on” the joint.

After the child takes a few more puffs, the same voice asks, “What is that?” and then a hand grabs the child’s hand that is holding the joint. The person shooting the video – Gamble, the indictment alleges – takes the joint from the child’s fist and holds it up so it is in the middle of the image frame. Then she laughs.

“It is disturbing to think that a parent would provide their 2-year-old child with marijuana,” Deters said.

The child is living with a relative as Hamilton County Department of Jobs & Family Services investigates the incident.

The tampering with evidence charge, Deters said, was the result of Gamble deleting the video from her cell phone.

Before that happened, someone – Deters wouldn’t say who, noting that person is a key witness in the case – saw the video and was so disturbed at seeing the child smoking marijuana that the person forwarded the video to another cell phone.

Then it was shown to officials at JFS, who contacted police.

“I am very grateful for the person who brought this to our attention,” Deters said.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Welcome back! After being away for a while, we are coming back with all new ridiculous news stories from around the globe. We hope you find this page to be a healthy source of your daily boredom satisfaction.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Outrage" Blows Doors Open On Gay Politicians

A movie coming out today called "Outrage" holds an explosive premise: it blows open the closet door on prominent politicians who have hidden their homosexuality while working against gay causes such as same-sex marriage and HIV/AIDS funding.
The movie presents interviews and documents charging that legislators have remained closeted while publicly opposing legislation on gay issues. This includes California GOP Rep. David Dreier, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and former NY Mayor Ed Koch.
"I don't see it as outing, I see it as equalizing," said Geoff Kors of Equality California, a gay civil rights organization. Some find that the movie goes too far as coming out is a very personal choice. Others note it targets mostly Republicans.

This is kinda cool--pretty ironic, as well, if you ask me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Got Milk!?!? Seriously!

In Cascade,Wisconsin a Sheboygan County cheese company has reported about 12,000 gallons of milk missing from a silo.Dave Adams the owner told the police that a milk hauler found a cap that seals a pipe connected to the silo on the floor about 12:30 a.m. Monday. Most of the milk went down the sewer and some drained into a boiler room.The milk was last seen in the silo at 6:45 p.m. Sunday. Adams says the loss is estimated at $12,000 to $15,000.The possible suspects include a gang of kittens or a very thirtsy cookie monster.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Man Delivers Baby After Watching It On YouTube

Its not everyday that your wife has a baby. And its not everyday when its you who deliver it at home. What would you do??? Go to youtube for instructions...

Marc Stephens, an engineer from Cornwall, delivered his son after watching a video about it on YouTube. He told reporters, "I Googled how to deliver a baby, watched a few videos and basically swotted up." It was the couple's fourth child.

They had planned an at-home birth, but not like this. His wife woke and realized she was having contractions every 5 minutes, so she told him to call the midwife. The midwife was busy and told them to call an ambulance.

Stephens said his wife was on all fours when he saw the head coming, but delivered 5lb 5oz Gabriel no problem. He later said while for the first child "I spent most of the time at my wife's head, now I'm not afraid to go down to the business end."


This has got to be the worst thing ever if your a guy. Im sure no man could imagine this happening to them. Apparently they never heard of a Hotel room...

A man having an affair with his 30-year-old secretary has had his penis bitten off after a van reversed into his car while she was giving him oral sex. The force of the impact made her bite down, severing part of the organ.

To add insult to injury the entire incident was witnessed by a private investigator hired by the man's wife. He called an ambulance when he saw the woman screaming with blood around her mouth. The man, his manhood, and his lover all went to hospital.