Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby shaking game taken off iPhone

On Wednesday April 22,2009 Apple Inc pulled a game called "Baby Shaker" off of the iTunes store. This game prompt an outrage because on it you try to quiet down a baby who is crying by shaking it. The game displays black and white drawings of a baby.
The description of this game on the iTunes store said " See how long you can endure the babies cries before you have to find a way to quiet it down". To quiet down the baby the iPhone owner shakes the device and big red X's appear over the eyes.
An apple spokesperson said this game went on sale on Monday and was removed by Wednesday. The spokesperson did not said why the game was approved to be sold. Apple said it screens each iPhone application and gives little feedback on them.

This is just. . . well. . . just plain stupid! Why would you encourage Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), even if it's virtual? God, people are so dumb.

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