Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mothers to Stand Trial for Feeding Their Infants Pureed Takeaway

The mothers of two infants, one aged 13 months and the other 16 months at the time of arrest, have been ordered to stand trial for child cruelty. They fed their infants pureed pizza and pork crackling and other takeaway foods diluted with water.

The children, now aged 2 and 21 months were so malnourished they would have died had not authorities intervened. Elena Mantz, pediatrician, stated that the children were not even able to hold their heads up unassisted or even sit up.

The trial will take place in Cairns in Northern Queensland, Australia.

This story was just posted on It just goes to show how stupid people really are, and how uneducated the world is. I have a big problem with people procreating without any idea of what it is they are doing. I just cannot stand idiots having kids, then raising them to be just as stupid as they are, that is if they are even able to raise them. This is perfect case of an idiot having kids, that has no clue what they are doing, and doesn't even hold themselves accountable. I mean, who doesn't have enough brain cells to deduct that feeding a baby Pizza Hut through a straw is not good for him... This is just one story.. there are millions of stories of parents having children that simply should not...

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