Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chia head Obama

Did anyone here about this?

Chia Obama has been pulled from Walgreen's shelves after only one week because it did not fit with the "company image" although an earlier report from AOL that the item was racist was said to have been a misquote.

The Deerfield-based company spokesman said the item, a likeness of the commander in chief which sprouts a green chia afro, was, in fact, said to have been labelled offensive by customers.

Joe Pedott president of the company which makes the clay bust says the item is "totally patriotic" and "It's hope, courage and pro-American," adding that he voted for Obama and sales of the item had been increasing steadily during the week.

I think thats dumb. I don't see how it's so racist. Would it still be racist if it were a Will Ferrel Chia head?


  1. hahah thats funny i would buy one

  2. I heard about this on the Maxwell Show yesturday...I don't understand how it's racist, although they made a "nappy headed--" reference, which I suppose makes sense. Maybe...

  3. So having an afro makes it racist?
    It's not like they can make a chia with a buz cut.