Thursday, April 16, 2009


What is our world coming to when Info Commercial pitchman can't kiss a prostitute? Everyone favorite Sham Wow guy,Vince Shlomi,44, paid a South Beach prostitute,Sasha Harris,26, $1000 for some sexual healing. Unfortunately for Shlomi, hookers are pretty strict about the whole non-kissing rule, because when Shlomi went in for some tongue action, Ms. Harris felt the best response was to bite down and not let go. I guess she bit down on more she could chew, because Shlomi counter with a couple punches to the face. Both Shlomi and Harris were both treated for their injuries and then booked for felony aggravated battery. Luckily for these love birds this month it was announced that no charges will be brought against the two. I guess there moral for the story is don't kiss prostitute,don't know why you want to but don't, and "Don't F!#k with Sham Wow!"


  1. Haha this is hilarious. I mean, I in no way condone battery, but I just think its funny that him of all people got into this. I wonder if they will still have his commercials on TV. I hope not, the guy is a d-bag...

  2. LOL oh my god, when I heard this on the radio, I called my dad and left him a voicemail. He's always making fun of this dude, so I thought he would appreciate it to it's fullest. I was (figuratively) peeing myself after I heard this.