Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Escaped Lion" Actually a Dog

Here is a story out of Ireland, those crazy Irish need to get better health care!

A full-scale police operation involving a helicopter and dozens of officers swung into action in Belfast yesterday when a large lion-coloured animal was spotted prowling in a park close to Belfast Zoo.

The police received numerous reports from members of the public who thought they had seen a lion wandering around Cavehill Park in the north of the city.

Zoo keepers carried out an urgent head count of all the animal compounds, including the lion and tiger enclosures, but reported that all animals were accounted for.

A police spokesman said officers now believe that the animal seen in the park on Monday was in fact a large stray dog.

“Police can confirm that there’s no stray lion wandering about in north Belfast,” she said.


  1. Oh wow...this is so dumb :-P

  2. Haha, thats funny. What do they mean by 'lion-colored animal'?? I don't look at a golden retreiver and think - "hmm.. he looks like a lion, just look at that color of fur - it's like a lions!"