Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hair Dresser Beats Down Robber

Unarmed Hairdresser Beats Down Armed Robber, Makes Him Her Sex Slave for Two Days

Russia: A man who tried to rob a hairdresser and her clients with a gun had his attempt at crime backfire when the martial arts-trained hairdresser forcibly disarmed him and used the cord of a hair dryer to tie him up.
The man allegedly spent the next two days handcuffed and gagged while the 28-year-old force fed him Viagra and raped him repeatedly. When she let him go he was forced to get treatment for damaged genitalia. Both have made allegations to police.
"I don't know what's going to happen now. We could put both of them behind bars: him for robbery, her for rape and assault," said a police source.

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Thinking his plan back fired would be an understatement. I think I am just as confusied here as the police in Russia - they both should be locked up. However I think the girl should be locked up at a mental institution rather than prison. Why does this girl even have mass amounts of Viagra anyways? And why is a hairdresser trained in martial arts? Sounds like a movie... oh wait..


  1. Oh my god, I totally laughed out loud. This could also be under the "insanity" category, I think.

  2. Thats nuts! I'm sure this could all be resolved if the hair dresser and robber would have worked out a plain where she pays the robber for the sex abuse and he gets the quick cash. No jail time on either end. He may have liked it?

  3. DO NOT READ DURING CLASS! You will laugh out loud.
    This is my favorite post on here thus far.
    I think it doesn't get much more insane than this.

  4. wow i just read this in class and about lost it. that is probably the funniest thing i read in a long time.