Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man Attacks Fiancee For Putting The Cheese On Wrong

This news story made me feel a whole lot better about my life. And about my fiance..

"Lyndel Toppin's 44-year-old fiancee may need surgery after he attacked her for not putting the cheese on his meatball sandwich in the correct place. Toppin's fiance, not named in this story, may need ligament surgery after the "barbaric attack."
The arrest affadvit states that Lyndel "became enraged due to the victim not placing cheese on his hoagie roll correctly." Toppin then went to another room, got a knife, and slashed her finger so badly 23 stitches were needed to close the wound.
Toppin then bit down on his fiance's wrist and would not let go. Toppin is currently being held in a correctional facility. Superintendent John Reilly Jr. of the local Philadelphia prison said "Wait till he gets a load of the prison food." "


  1. On a more serious note, you would think the girl would know her fiance was a raging mad man before they got engaged.

  2. No kidding, I agree. I would hate to see this guy after getting a speeding ticket... that should have been the first clue this guy is unstable at best.

  3. Lol, I know. This was completely ridiculous.